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After years of struggle with english finally giant leap in medical education, teaching english in AIIMS is a good step (1)
Many topics of other subjects like Medicine, Surgery,OBG, Ortho ,and Pediatrics were also covered from this Book (1)
"Exam tips for final #SEVEN days before AIIMS Exam" (1)
Exam tips for final #SEVEN days before AIIMS Exam” (1)
All the following are true regarding blood supply to the kidney,except (1)
All of the following are contents of vaginal sphicter except (1)
Not true about prostatic urethra (1)
All of the following regarding esophagus are true except (1)
Arterial supply of the duodenum is by (1)
Carcinoma of prostate is common in (1)
The "Crypts of lieberkuhn" are found in the fucosal lining of (1)
Urogenital diaphragm is mode of the following except (1)
Pough of douglas is situated between (1)
In portal hypertension the sites of poetosystemic anastomosis includes (1)
Which is incorrect about socriatic method (1)
Which of the following is a mass method of health education (1)
A counsellor should not show to the patient (1)
Which method is used for HIV pretest counselling (1)
Panel discussion cab be defined as (1)
Principles of health education include all except (1)
All of the following can be done with individual as a unit except (1)
Health education charts serially flashed to the group as the talk is being given is called as (1)
Which is the following statements refers to propaganda? (1)
Which of the following is the correct sequence of various components of the communication process (1)
Urine analysis of a patient with hematuria and hypercalciuria is most likely to reveal which of the following (1)
Which of the following test shall not be done to investigate the cause ofher papillary necrosis (1)
Which of the following would be the most likely histological findings in this patient? (1)
Which of the following is single most important indicator of likehoodness of progression of hepatitis of liver cirrhosis (1)
Feature of acute hepatitis include all except (1)