If I got a seat in round 1 and don't report to the college,then what happened? [NEET PG] (1)
I am spending more time on Facebook rather than studying? [NEET PG] (1)
What is the difference between toppers and average students? [NEET PG] (1)
Surgery or Radiotherapy [NEET PG] (1)
14k general category..any clinical seat possible? [NEET PG] (1)
People asking others about the best branches they can get in are the one who got in to medical field accidentally [NEET PG] (1)
The absent of menstrual period in women is otherwise known as [NEET PG] (1)
People help me.can someone get Hiv/Aids throught sharing saliva [NEET PG] (1)
Insulin control the rate of ..............in the body system [NEET PG] (1)
Here are some really good videos from the worlds leading ethnobotanist Dr Cassandra Quave [NEET PG] (1)
What are the best medicine for irregular mentration period [NEET PG] (1)
Some people are allergic to insect bites and stings... This condition is called what? [NEET PG] (1)
What is the medical name of nose bleeding? [NEET PG] (1)
This condition represents .... A. Herpes Zoster [NEET PG] (1)
Colposcope is the instrument used to inspect - [NEET PG] (1)
Malaria prasite is a [NEET PG] (1)
Can HIV be transmitted through saliva [NEET PG] (1)
Between a nurse and a doctor which one is higher than the other [NEET PG] (1)
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Please I need immediate response...... Which drug can I get as manpower.... Full and lasting erection [NEET PG] (1)
Hw can I cure my self from malaria [NEET PG] (1)
Pls group what injection and drugs use for leg pain(laps) pls don't insult [NEET PG] (1)
Which injection is best for Menstruation pain? [NEET PG] (1)
What are the differences between; [NEET PG] (1)
A 18 yrs old male, when meet with there friends, the confusion between them mouth bad smell, what is your Rx and Dx? [NEET PG] (1)
What are the different types of Anaesthesia? [NEET PG] (1)
Frusemide is treatment of [NEET PG] (1)
Which parasitic infestation produce anaemic condition [NEET PG] (1)
Virus is severe smallest microbes [NEET PG] (1)
Physical examination and laboratory tests confirm a diagnosis of appendicitis [NEET PG] (1)