About the NEET PG MCQ category (2)
A study to identify cholera carriers (1)
Long term fluctuation is seen with (1)
Secular trends are (1)
True about continuous common source epidemics? (1)
Secular trend is best demonstrated by (1)
Part I of the death certificate deals with (1)
Direct standadization is used to compare mortality data of two countries. This is done because of difference in (1)
Which of the following is characteristic of a single exposure common vehicle outbreak? (1)
Seasonal trend is due to (1)
Natural history of disease is best studied by (1)
Which of the following is best to compare the vital statistics of countries (1)
Virulence of a disease is indicated by (1)
True about late expanding phase of demographic cycle (1)
The sex ratio in (1)
Demographic gap attains its maximum limit in (1)
Middle age female with abdominal pain (1)
His serum and urine uric acid are elevated What is the most likely diagnosis of this condition? (1)
A 13-month-old child is brought to the emergency department after his parents found blood in his stool (1)
A newborn boy is brought to the pediatrician for further evaluation of an extensive skin rash (1)
Which of the following collections of symptoms is this infant’s mother most likely experiencing? (1)
New health policy according to WHO are all except (1)
If the systolic blood pressure in a population (1)
A Normal distribution curve depends on (1)
A chi square test would be most appropriate for testing which one of the following hypotheses (1)
Simple random sampling (1)
Which of the following sampling used? (1)
True about cluster sampling all except (1)
What type of sampling in being done? (1)
The number of patient required in a clinical trial to treat a specify disease increases as (1)