Ideal contraceptive for a pt of heart disease? [NEET PG] (1)
Night blindness is caused by? [NEET PG] (1)
These findings are suggestive of which of the following disorders? [MCQs] (1)
Mental status examination shows abnormal low score. What is the most likely diagnosis of this patient? [MCQs] (1)
HMS designs and delivers custom courses for national and global companies that want to deepen their health care expertise [Study Group] (1)
Internships for HMS graduate students provide real-world experience in drug discovery and development [Study Group] (1)
Medicine and activism go hand in hand for MD student Raquel Sofia Sandoval [Study Group] (1)
HMS scientist David Corey is working to prevent hereditary deafness with the support of the Bertarelli Foundation [Study Group] (1)
Promotion to full professor at HMS culminates a lifetime of exceptional work [Study Group] (1)
Shaping Global Solutions [Study Group] (1)
Integrating Research and Clinical Care [Study Group] (1)
The 'Graying' of T Cells Scientists pinpoint metabolic pathway behind age-related immunity loss [Study Group] (1)
Origins of Pain Researchers identify pathway that drives sustained pain following injury [Study Group] (1)
Teasing Out Diversity [Study Group] (1)
Some important aspects to consider while choosing a course for PLAB 2 preperation: [PLAB 2] (1)
They are a part of a group of five kids from alimentary school camp out on the lake. Which of these is the most likely causative organism of this illness? [MCQs] (1)
The ability of rod cells in the eye to respond to light and transmit that response to the optic nerve [MCQs] (1)
Its going to be a long post bcz i feel its my responsibility to share my experience to help other plabbers [PLAB 2] (1)
I passed plab 2 and it's just because of dr hamed [PLAB 2] (1)
Thank you so much Dr.Hamed , Dr . Elmira and the entire commonstations team [PLAB 2] (1)
I got my result today and I passed 17 stations. This wouldn't have been possible without Dr Hamed and the beautiful Dr Elmira [PLAB 2] (1)
I passed my exam 2 days back and couldn't be any less excited. At the same time very thankful to Dr Hamed and his team. [PLAB 2] (1)
Carbachol is administered to stimulate bladder emptying. Which of the following is a prominent side effect of carbachol? [MCQs] (1)
The policeman asks the ER physician to get a sample of this patient’s gastric contents for analysis [MCQs] (1)
She refuses to answer any question and declined physical examination. What is the most appropriate next step of management for this patient? [MCQs] (1)
Appropiate resuscitations which of following improve bleeding [MCQs] (1)
A 35 year-old woman presents with troubled vision and severe pain in her left eye [MCQs] (1)
During surgery, the obturator nerve was served. What is the most likely lost due to this injury? [MCQs] (1)
You receive a phone call from the nurse of a nursing home telling you that your patient refused to take her medications for the third day [MCQs] (1)
What to know about menstrual cramps [News] (1)