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I got my ck score today and with the blessings of God and prayers of my family I scored 246 (1)
Hi everyone, I got my ck score today and with the blessings of God and prayers of my family I scored 246 (1)
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Step 2 CK Score** ā€“ 260, the exam was in mid-March (1)
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Alhumdullilah 249! I just want to tell u one thing guys (1)
So yesterday I got my results and Alhamdulilah rab al3alameen I passed with 255 (1)
Wanted to share my ck experience. Been 10 days since I got my results. And Thank God, I got 253! (1)
I just got my score report today and wanna give back to the group by sharing my experience (1)
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Khaled Abd-ElMaksod Tanta Medical School, Egypt. YOG: Exam date: October Score: 269 (1)
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Alhamdulillah, I got my score in ck (my first step), and it is 254 (1)
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Finally i got it--264 (1)
Got my ck score last Wednesday guys. It's 252! (1)