I recently passed PLAB 2 exam and I haven't done any work since graduating (1)
I have no working experience apart from as a student during my Medical school. (1)
Exam on 9th, 10th and 11th October 2018 and got their "PASSED" results with high scores today (1)
We have LAUNCHED the only online PLAB 2 course created specifically for revision and training online (1)
We are revolutionising how candidates can prepare for PLAB 2 by introducing a comprehensive ONLINE PLAB 2 STUDY COURSE (1)
We are revolutionising how candidates can prepare for PLAB 2 (1)
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Dr Ash will discuss more about it on 13th October in our free event at Raphael Park Romford London, (1)
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20th September 2018 and got their "PASSED" results with high scores today (1)
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