The APTT ....If prolonged , first exclude heparin therapy (1)
Auer rods or CD 33 + gum swelling (1)
Hyponatremia may be associated with following thyroid dysfunction (1)
Stop ACEI or ARB (1)
ESR may be normal with poly and dermatomyositis (1)
MND (motor neurone disease ) (1)
How would you like to proceed with this case? (1)
A low calcium and high PTH level may be either secondary hyperparathyroidism or pseudohypopararhroidism (1)
Bone pain( spine ) (1)
I am again back with some very small and important tips (1)
Do not forget to start with large volumes of normal saline (1)
The most important problems associated with HRT (1)
HBV serology , continued. … (1)
For HBV serology (1)
Avoid fluoroquinolones in patients with history of convulsions or epilepsy (1)
Stop this drug because (1)
Hydrocortisone acetate (1)
Haematuria+URTI within the past 2-3 days (1)
Do not waste time , once suspect ,start treatment and then confirm (1)
No role for inhaled steroids alone in COPD (1)
Important combinations (1)
Asthma drugs main problemsPoor articulation + maintained comprehension = Broca,s aphasia ( MCA superior division) (1)
When you see in the Q (1)
Ready for bradycardia? (1)
Clincher for HIV or HIV related problem (1)
Asthma drugs main problems (1)
Exclude myasthenia gravis >>> if upper motor neurone or sensory lesion (1)
Whenever you see IV drug abuser in the Q (1)
Filariasis >>>Albendazole (1)
Open your mind for dementia! (1)