Exclude myasthenia gravis >>> if upper motor neurone or sensory lesion (1)
Whenever you see IV drug abuser in the Q (1)
Filariasis >>>Albendazole (1)
Open your mind for dementia! (1)
White-out Hemithorax (1)
Alcoholic hepatitis (1)
Negative CT pulmonary angiogram almost excludes pulmonary embolism (1)
QTc less than 350 ms = short QT syndrome in absence of 2ndry cause .Hypercalcemia shorten QT (1)
In heart failure (1)
HIV common cerebral lesions (1)
Suspected pulm embolism (1)
Hyperprolactinemia ( galactorrhea , amenorrhea, loss of libido , impotence , infertility ) (1)
Immediate starting of post exposure prophylaxis ( 1 month ) (1)
Class I antiarrhythmic drugs work best with rapid heart rates , so more suited for acute ttt if arrhythmia (1)
HIV , HBV , and HCV are all can be associated with nephrotic syndrome (1)
Ventricular Tachycardia (VT) (1)
Indigo Healthcare have the following vacancies (1)
Hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis (1)
Short QT syndrome in absence of 2ndry cause (1)
Beta blocker or calcium channel blocker or digoxin in patients with WPW syndrome (1)
After closure of the aortic and pulmonary valves(S2) (1)
Ejection systolic murmur over 1st aortic area radiating to the carotid = Organic valvular aortic stenosis ( AS) (1)
How to apply for MRCP (UK) Part 1 Exam (1)
MRCP (UK) Part 1 Exam - My Experiences (1)
Wide complex tachycardia in the context of (1)
Bivalrudin = direct antithrombin (1)
Warfarin associated bleeding (1)
Vitamin C and Cold Fusion (1)
Dabigatran is Dialysable .Rivaroxaban is not (1)
Anticoagulation in AF is either oral anticoagulants or none .Aspirin has no role in AF therapy (1)