Post PLAB MRCP QN Plab Qns PLAB 2 MRCP Dear Medicos,<br>This page is to support MRCP examinee with information, knowledge related to MRCP exam. Please try to use it for the reason it was opened in the first place. Please don't use this page for commercial add or any other information not relevant to MRCP.<br>Thank you PLAB 1 At the PLAB Part 1 examination<br/>Part 1 of the test is a computer-marked written examination consisting of 200 single best answer (SBA) questions. It may include images, electrocardiograms (ECGs) and x-rays. The examination lasts three hours.
A 60-year-old man was admitted with a 3-day history of diarrhoea [MRCP] (1)
The Civil Aviation Authority [MRCP] (1)
Which of the following is the most useful prophylactic intervention against further migraines? [MRCP] (1)
A 27 year-old woman attends the neurology clinic complaining of headache [MRCP] (1)
A 39-year-old HIV seropositive man [MRCP] (1)
Oligodendrocytes are responsible for myelin production in the CNS [MRCP] (1)
Dvla: neurological disorders [MRCP] (1)
Treatment choice depends on the severity of symptoms [MRCP] (1)
A 27 year-old woman attends the neurology clinic complaining of headache and visual disturbance [MRCP] (1)
A 39-year-old HIV seropositive man was referred to the neurology clinic with altered personality and progressive speech problems [MRCP] (1)
Returning traveler ( onset-duration-country-lab) likely organism [MRCP] (1)
I passed my PACES in the second attempt [MRCP] (1)
I just wanted to let you guys know that I passed my MRCP PACES exam [MRCP] (1)
Cavitating Pneumonia [MRCP] (1)
Chnacroid (painful single )&gt;&gt;&gt; Azithromycin or Cefotriaxone single dose [MRCP] (1)
A good level of experience in General Medicine/Acute Medicine [MRCP] (1)
Normal calcium +normal phosphate+ high alkaline phosphatase = Paget,s disease [MRCP] (1)
"Whilst the recent pass in the PLAB test [PLAB 2] (1)
The Herpes encephalitis [MRCP] (1)
Important notes about thyroid disorers [MRCP] (1)
Patient with progressive memory impairment, doesn’t know time/ place—Diagnosis [PLAB 1] (1)
Want a doctor working in America or a doctor who has experience reply to this talk is it true or not!? [UK] (1)
Plab 2 journey to success [PLAB 2] (1)
The best initial treatment for SVT [MRCP] (1)
A 65-year-old woman presented with a 12-hour history of the sudden onset of gait unsteadiness, vomiting and headache, followed by increasing drowsiness [MRCP] (1)
I was diagnosed with HIV disease 2years ago through sexual intercourse [PLAB 1] (1)
This situation when I started my PLAB journey [PLAB 1] (1)
BP is pressure of blood on the vessel wall and its generated by the pumping force of LV [MRCP] (1)
Many of you were asking about study strategy [MRCP] (1)
MRCP-P1 Exam One of the toughest Preparations [MRCP] (1)