I saw MBBS seats increased in view of EWS quota by almost 4500 seats (1)
What is the size of a human red blood cell (1)
If I get allotted a seat in 2nd round which is not my 1st preference (1)
Which vaccination is give at birth (1)
Trainee doctors removed from fourth hospital over welfare concerns (1)
Dnb - orthopaedics , phy med and rehab ( pmr ) (1)
Dnb - orthopaedics , physical med and rehab (1)
Outline its management principles? (1)
Dnb - pmr , orthopaedics (1)
Dnb - psychiatry , phy med and rehab (1)
Brain Damaging Habits You Should Stop Immediately (1)
Removal of tissue for examination from living body? (1)
Blood in urine is called____? (1)
Monthly discharge of blood and cell debris from Vagina is called? (1)
First Menses is called (1)
Interveinal chlorosis is normally associated with the deficiency of-------- (1)
The hereditary material of the cell is--- (1)
Which vertebra has a projection called odontoid process? (1)
One of the major causes of hemophilia is lack of ------ (1)
Kwashiorkor is caused by severe deficiency of------ (1)
A tissue which connect a muscle to the bone is ---- (1)
The thoracic vertebrae of a mammal is characterized by the------- (1)
The hepatic portal vein is unique because it -----; (1)
A man X working in a swamp did not eat any of food nor drink any water. Which of these diseases can he not contract? (1)
The causative agent of poliomyelitis is -------- (1)
Which one of the followings is a water borne disease? (1)
Beri-Beri is caused by the deficiency of ______ (1)
Total volume of blood in a normal adult human being is (1)
All dis ar symptoms of pregnancy except (1)