About the NEET PG category (2)
Dnb - orthopaedics , phy med and rehab ( pmr ) (1)
Dnb - orthopaedics , physical med and rehab (1)
Outline its management principles? (1)
Dnb - pmr , orthopaedics (1)
Dnb - psychiatry , phy med and rehab (1)
Brain Damaging Habits You Should Stop Immediately (1)
Removal of tissue for examination from living body? (1)
Blood in urine is called____? (1)
Monthly discharge of blood and cell debris from Vagina is called? (1)
First Menses is called (1)
Interveinal chlorosis is normally associated with the deficiency of-------- (1)
The hereditary material of the cell is--- (1)
Which vertebra has a projection called odontoid process? (1)
One of the major causes of hemophilia is lack of ------ (1)
Kwashiorkor is caused by severe deficiency of------ (1)
A tissue which connect a muscle to the bone is ---- (1)
The thoracic vertebrae of a mammal is characterized by the------- (1)
The hepatic portal vein is unique because it -----; (1)
A man X working in a swamp did not eat any of food nor drink any water. Which of these diseases can he not contract? (1)
The causative agent of poliomyelitis is -------- (1)
Which one of the followings is a water borne disease? (1)
Beri-Beri is caused by the deficiency of ______ (1)
Total volume of blood in a normal adult human being is (1)
All dis ar symptoms of pregnancy except (1)
Cardiac muscle are muscle of (1)
The movement of food from mouth down to stomach is called __ (1)
----- is a fight and flight hormone (1)
Which of these is not a symptom of snakebite? (1)
Largest organ in human body is (1)