About the NEET PG category (2)
Fish is not rich in? (1)
Too many false positives in a screening test is due to which of the following? (1)
The study of death in all its aspects is called? (1)
Not associated with CHEOPS (1)
Which joint is not involved in rheumatoid arthritis (1)
Hunterian ligature is done for (1)
Fastest route of absorption for local anaesthetic is? (1)
Fallopian tube dysmotility is seen in (1)
Alkylating agents are? (1)
Neurochemical mechanism of analgesia (1)
Which of the following are prodrugs? (1)
True about carvedilol? (1)
Which drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy,, (1)
The largest gland in the body is ------------ (1)
Who is the father of cell (1)
The disease rickets causd by the deficiency of (1)
Which part of pancreas secrets insulin? (1)
High blood sugar causes by ................................? (1)
Is an injection which is giving into the skin, this statement represent which type of injection among the following? (1)
Can anyone please share Timeline of enzymes of Myocardial infarction (1)
Triple assessment in Breast Lumps - NEET PG & AIIMS Exam (1)
JIPMER had close to 50 repeats. AIIMS had 20-35 questions in the same topics.. NEET also will have similar number of NBE repeats (1)
Rop screening in preterm babies of 26 weeks and 30 weeks respectively (1)
Is it true 186 questions in aiims came from Marrows? (1)
Which NSAID undergoes entero-hepatic circulation (1)
Epistaxis mean nose bleeding (1)
Where are red blood cell formed? (1)
I am from Afghanistan and you? (1)
Glucose is stored in the body in the form of? (1)