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MCQs TNPG Tamil Nadu PG – TNPG – TNPGMEE – TNPGEE – Tamil Nadu Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam is conducted by Secretary Selection Committee, Office of the Director of Medical Education, Government of Tamil Nadu for admission to 50 % of seats in Tamil Nadu Government Medical Colleges Success Stories JIPMER Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research originated as École de Médicine de Pondichérry established by the French Government in the year 1823.<br/>This medical school was converted into Dhanvantari Medical College at the time of de facto transfer of Pondicherry to Government of India.<br/>This Medical College was later upgraded into Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER).
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JIPMER EXAM is slightly unique and asking lengthy MCQs which require in depth of concepts [JIPMER] (1)
A positive Volkman’s sign in a full blown case of Volkman’s ischemic contracture indicates [JIPMER] (1)
Cincinnati incision is generally used for correction of club foot this is a [JIPMER] (1)
Classification used for fracture shown in photograph is? [JIPMER] (1)
All are true about stapes except [JIPMER] (1)
MacEwen’s triangle can be felt through the: [JIPMER] (1)
Fordyce's (spots) granules in oral cavity arise from: [JIPMER] (1)
Which of the following defines conduct money: [JIPMER] (1)
Scalding is caused when liquid in contact has temperature above: [JIPMER] (1)
A boy has 20 permanent teeth and 8 temporary teeth. His age is likely to be: [JIPMER] (1)
Chronic ITP is due to: [JIPMER] (1)
Which of the following is least susceptible to disinfectants and antiseptics? [JIPMER] (1)
A DNA library is: [JIPMER] (1)
In preparation for a procedure to remove the fingernail on an index finger [JIPMER] (1)
Funduscopic examination of a patient with TIA may reveal what physical finding? [JIPMER] (1)
The Farnsworth- Munsell 100 –hue test is done for? [JIPMER] (1)
Vortex vein invasion is commonly seen in [JIPMER] (1)
A hospital suffering from an overdose of cocaine [JIPMER] (1)
Which one of the following statements is a characteristic of both nitroglycerin and amyl nitrite? [JIPMER] (1)
Which one of the following statements is not correct regarding Fifth disease? [JIPMER] (1)
Fetal alcohol syndrome is characterized by following except: [JIPMER] (1)
Which vascular anomaly will exhibit a complete vascular ring? [JIPMER] (1)
A direct branch of celiac trunk? [JIPMER] (1)
Portal vein is formed - [JIPMER] (1)
All form the boudries of ovarian fossa, except - [JIPMER] (1)
Ovarian fossa is formed by all except- [JIPMER] (1)
Which of the following is not a direct branch of celiac trunk? [JIPMER] (1)
Blood-testis barrier is formed by - [JIPMER] (1)