DNB Neurology DNB PMR DNB ENT DNB Anaesthesia Radiology Should I Opt for DNB Radiology?<br/>Well this is an often asked question and answer to this is YES, if you are interested in the branch and are unable to get MD Radiology , DNB is a fair bet, slight catch being somewhat lesser passing rate in DNB, although this has improved in last few years. DNB today for all practical purposes is equivalent to MD even for academic centres. Pay-package wise there is hardly any difference in the private sector. DNB Family Medicine DNB Hospital Administration DNB Psychiatry DNB Dermatology DNB Neurosurgery DNB Respiratory Medicine DNB Surgery DNB Nuclear Medicine DNB Critical Care DNB CET DNB Pathology DNB Ophtha DNB Cardiology DNB Radiotherapy BEST DNB Pediatrics DNB PDCET DNB Radiology DNB Medicine Anesthesia
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