Temperature so blazin, gurl that CRP finna be raisin (1)
But it do be like that tho (1)
You ever wonder if your organs are just like (1)
When traffic asks driving license (1)
Mch neurosurgery padicha (1)
When you have a polytrauma case in the Er (1)
Indha Ortho PGs tholla thanga mudiyala daw (1)
When you go to meet the HOD (1)
Tat marana beedhi moment (1)
Answer has been censored for safety purposes (1)
Pain assessment scale (1)
What he has written (1)
The medicine posting (1)
Daily medicine posting varinga? (1)
Next day in exam (1)
Batch money collection for culturals (1)
While getting assignment from topper friend (1)
A case of status epilepticus comes to casualty (1)
Admission day at 2.30 PM (1)
Aamam nee enna book padikkira? (1)
Auto immunity paridhabangal (1)
When you haven't prepared for tomorrow's anatomy exam (1)
I know i am david (1)
Ellam oru veri etha than (1)
Doctor with relatives (1)
When you are forcing girls to take OG history taking (1)
When you say differenital diagnosisin front of patient (1)
That one friend in OT room (1)
The Anaesthetist and Bougie (1)
While presenting the case to external (1)