MCQs   Surgery

About the Surgery category (2)
Management of CA breast in 2nd trimester- all except? (1)
Increases in D-dimer levels are noticed in immediate post-operative period. Most appropriate cause is (1)
True about Visceral aneurysm (1)
False about Pseudomyoxma peritonei is (1)
. Examine the picture carefully. Diagnosis? (1)
Not a Temporary embolization agent is (1)
Not True regarding Sub Dural hematoma (1)
True about Splenunculi (1)
Best graft for aortic dissection (1)
Best graft for infra-inguinal approach bypass? (1)
Pancreatic ascites. When to do surgery? (1)
Liver tunneling procedure not done for which segment? (1)
According to AJCC 8th edition, Staging of 2cm size Pancreatic cancer if it involves portal vein is? (1)
In Carcinoma head of pancreas, Nausea & vomiting is due to (1)
Several biopsies of a 2x2 cm solid lesion in the head of pancreas showed no neoplastic cells (1)
Time period to stop certain Drugs before Surgery (1)
The Adrenal myelolipoma (1)
In papilionaceous corolla the position of keel is (1)
Elephantiasis is not a viral disease transmitted by (1)
Brood parasitism is very well explained by? (1)
Glenoid cavity articulate; (1)
The diagnosis of congenital megacolon is confirmed by (1)
The following are true regarding ascites except - (1)
Acute mesenteric lymphadenitis is caused by - (1)
All the following can be used to predict severe acute pancreatitis except - (1)
The commonest site of obstruction in Gall stone ileus is - (1)
The following are true about Hepatocellular carcinoma except - (1)
In gastric outlet obstruction in a peptic ulcer patient,the site of obstruction is most likely to be- (1)
Which of the following is TRUE about Zenker's diverticulum - (1)