About the SPM category (2)
The cut off point of serum estrogen level for the diagnosis of ovarian failure: (1)
The vagina all are correct except (1)
The treatment of choice is (1)
Red degeneration in uterine fibroid is most common in: (1)
Not true about red degeneration of myomas is: (1)
Billing's method of contraception refers to: (1)
Pearl's index indicates: (1)
Characteristics of a screening test (1)
Which of the following statements about lepromin test is not true? (1)
Least common complication of measles (1)
Best method to compare new test and gold standard test (1)
Accepted methods of randomization (1)
Causes of thiamine deficiency (1)
Overall survival increase by screening procedure (1)
Levey–jennings chart (1)
The standard error (1)
Standard error of mean (1)
Herd immunity for infectious diseases (1)
Killing power of a disease is best expressed by: (1)
Analytical epidemiological studies? (1)
Our rural masses are facing multiple health problems (1)
Concepts of health and disease (1)
SPM – MCQ 1 All of the following are true about cluster sampling except? (1)
SPM – MCQ 2 All of the following are included in physical quality of life index except? (1)
SPM – MCQ 3 – 85% of lung cancer among smokers was due to their smoking. This is an example of? (1)
SPM – MCQ 4 – All of the following statements are true for Herd immunity except? (1)
SPM – MCQ 5 – Which of the following vaccine is not included in EPI schedule? (1)
SPM – MCQ 6 – Chronic carrier state is seen in all except? (1)
SPM – MCQ 7 – Least common complication of measles is? (1)