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What is the first anterior structure within the renal sinus? (1)
What is the most likely etiology of this patient’s visual symptoms? (1)
Her health screening tests are up-to-date and are unremarkable (1)
MRI shows a few areas of cerebral atrophy (1)
Which of these nerves is responsible for this pain? (1)
Which nerve is most likely related to his symptoms? (1)
There is no eye involvement and Nikolsky sign is negative (1)
What is the appropriate immediate step to improve this patient’s condition? (1)
The researchers compute the rate of foot ulcers in diabetic patients versus non-diabetic patients (1)
His serum and urine uric acid are elevated (1)
What is the most appropriate treatment for this patient’s hypertension? (1)
Which of the following compounds will be absorbed to the least extent in the stomach? (1)
Of the following, which is a phase II biotransformation reaction? (1)
Endogenous catecholamines (1)
Drug induced bone marrow aplasia (1)
Which is an antimetabolite (1)
Drug induced hypertension (1)
Antihypentensive not contraindicated in pregnancy (1)
Drugs which increase nitric oxide (1)
Teratogenic effects of carbimazole (1)
Mechanism of action of imatinib in cml (1)
Drugs causing gynaecomastia (1)
Antihypertensive agent causing impotence (1)
Which of the following is the most appropriate first-line treatment for this patient? (1)
What should be the immediate therapy to reverse her symptoms? (1)
Which one of these medications acts through inhibition of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase? (1)
A 16-year-old mentally retarded male swallowed a metal object (1)
A 26-year-old female (AIDS) develops cryptococcal meningitis (1)
What is the most likely reason for this patient's massive diarrhea? (1)