MCQs   Pathology

Can be seen in neurogenic (1)
Autosomal dominant syndrome (1)
"Visceral Leishmaniasis" (1)
Tumors are composed of clusters of polygonal to spindle shaped chromaffin cells (1)
Factors controlling the regulation of gene and protein expression (1)
Glomeruloid bodies (a/k/a schilller duval bodies) (1)
Mucicarmine stain ---red color cryptococci (1)
"Heliotrope rash" affecting the eyelids (1)
Do not chase your dream, they may breakdown, and so will be your innerself (1)
● It is associated with a change in vaginal glycogen flora or pH (1)
It is a squamous epithelial cell that has undergone a number of structural changes (1)
Normal Pap smear cells: (1)
Intraperitoneal bladder rupture (1)
Life seems to be unceratain and unfair (1)
Epigenetic modifications of DNA (1)
These account for approximately 9% of primary brain tumors (1)
Basal cell carcinoma rodent ulcer (1)
Tropical splenomegaly syndrome (1)
Do you have cancer? (1)
A heart heartbeat is going to stop and to stop a hurdle in the heart of the heart (1)
Burkitts Lymphoma (leukemic form) (1)
Ambiguous leukemia: (1)
Pure red cell aplasia (prca) (1)
It is a relatively common lesion that is usually discovered as an incidental, rounded radio-opacity (1)
Electron micrograph showing endoplasmic reticulum dilated by aggregates of misfolded protein (1)
Diagnostic findings on needle biopsy consist of (1)
It occur in children younger than two years (1)
It is hybrid of Necrosis+Apoptosis but considered as NECROSIS) (1)
Pathology Of Prion Diseases: (1)
A morphologic sign of the (re)activation of polyomaviruses (1)