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Rose-Waaler test – Microbiology MCQ (1)
Ascomycetes are used for riboflavin production? (1)
In Widal test the significant titres for H agglutinins is (1)
Streptococcus pyogenes infections? (1)
Dolichol phosphate is (1)
Name the component of flagellum (1)
Cytokines is also known under the name cachectin? (1)
Klebsiella produce indole? (1)
Quinones and related antibiotics are (1)
Algae is a nonvalid taxinomic term that refers to (1)
Negri bodies are found in cells infected with (1)
Penicillin G is also known as (1)
Investigation of choice for locating Parathyroid gland (1)
Sestamibi Scan is used in (1)
I-131 used for thyroid scan (1)
Q-15. Isotope for thyroid scanning (1)
Q-14. All isotopes are used for thyroid (1)
Triads of some important diseases (1)
NEET PG Microbiology (1)
Side effects of tamoxifen (1)
Drug of choice for meningococcal carriers (1)
Last minute revision (1)
Medium used in MGIT: (1)
Microbiology recall (1)
Arthropod borne spirochetal disease is caused by (1)
The following test helps to differentiate Staphylococcus aureus from (1)
CAMP test is positive for: (1)
Image based mcq for microbiology (1)
Erythrasma is caused by (1)
Morphology of sporothrix scheinki when it grows in tissues (1)