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A child of three years comes with complaints of night blindness (1)
A patient came in emergency with signs of dehydration and severe diarrhe (1)
Prevalence measures the burden of disease (1)
To compare the death rate of India with the death rate of Pakistan (1)
Bhopal gas tragedy is an example of (1)
A 39-year-old man who presents with a mild sore throat, fever, malaise, and headache (1)
When a new treatment is developed that delays deaths but does not produce recovery from a chronic disease (1)
In an outbreak of cholera in a village of 2,000 population (1)
What is the incidence rate (absolute risk) of endometrial cancer (1)
What is the incidence rate (absolute risk) of endometrial cancer among who didn’t use oral contraceptives? (1)
While investigating a point source epidemic (1)
Nephron is structral and functional unit of? (1)
A neurologist is examining a patient (1)
A patient is unable to move his right arm or leg (1)
A massive splenomegaly not a characteristic feature? (1)
Which of the following liver tumours is considered to be benign? (1)
Blood test parameters would support a diagnosis of alcoholic-related liver disease? (1)
An elevation in which of the following hormones is consistent with the effects of anorexia nervosa? (1)
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Most common site of histiocytosis (1)
Stridor following intake of peanut (1)
Most specific urinary finding in acute pyelonephritis (1)
21 year old male presents with anemia and mild hepatosplenomegaly (1)
Investigations for neurocardiogenic syncope (1)
Aml with worst prognosis (1)