MCQs   Dermatology

The effects of the Atomic Bomb on the Skin (1)
Topical acne/pimple preparations (1)
Psoriasis with Arthritis Partially Responsive to Psychotherapy (1)
Semi permanent Make-up removal with Lasers (1)
A toddler with brown patches which urticate (1)
A transient pruritic eruption exacerbated by heat (1)
An eczematous eruption complicating venous ulcers (1)
An itchy localized eruption (1)
Chronic erythematous pruritic eruption on the lower legs (1)
This eruption is seborrhoeic dermatitis (1)
A recurrent, unsightly facial eruption in a stressed but well young adult (1)
An acute monomorphic eruption in a systemically unwell atopic child (1)
A 5-year-old girl who is well known to your practice attends with her mother (1)
An itchy, slow-growing infant (1)
Main cytokine involved in erythema nodusum leprosum (1)
Treatment of type ii lepra reaction (1)
Ivermectin in indicated in the treatment of (1)
Max. joseph’s space (1)
Anagen phase of the hair (1)
‘Chancre redux’ is a clinical feature of: (1)
True regarding Pityriasis Rosea is: (1)
Tuberculids are seen in (1)
A 3 year old child has eczematous dermatitis on extensor surfaces, His mother has a history of Bronchial asthma (1)
The following statement is true for pityriasis rosea? (1)
What organism is the most likely causative agent for her symptoms? (1)
When the bed upon which the patient is lying is jarred (1)
History of right lower quadrant abdominal pain (1)
General practice with a painful right lower leg (1)
Velvety patches on the back of the neck (1)
Dermatology – MCQ 1 (1)