MCQs   cardiology

About the cardiology category (1)
What type of cells were most likely injured in the initial stage of his disease? (1)
Which of the following pairings is correct? (1)
Which of the following characteristics of the atheroma (1)
Which of the following additional findings would you expect to observe in this patient? (1)
Which of the following is most likely to be observed in this patient? (1)
Where along the path of the aorta is the most common site of injury? (1)
What was the likely finding on histological evaluation of his father\'s heart at autopsy? (1)
A 15-year-old basketball player unexpectedly collapses on the court (1)
Which of the following is most likely responsible for his symptoms? (1)
Which of the following cardiac parameters would be expected in this patient? (1)
What was he most likely prescribed? (1)
Which of the following is true regarding lisinopril and losartan? (1)
Which of the following is a common side effect of nifedipine? (1)
Which of the following drug-related side effects (1)
When is the soonest that he can discontinue warfarin? (1)
Which of the following should be ordered next in the treatment of this patient? (1)
Myocardaial infarction (1)
Where does this patient's disease process likely originate? (1)
Ruptured aortic aneurysm (1)
Men ages 65-75 who have ever smoked (1)
What is the most likely explanation for this patient\'s lower extremity edema? (1)
What was the mechanism of action of this maneuver? (1)
This heart sound is most associated with which of the following? (1)
What would be the expected cardiac output and venous return changes seen in this patient? (1)
Which of the following values represents this patient\'s cardiac stroke volume? (1)
Which of this patient\'s coronary arteries is most likely occluded? (1)
What abnormality is seen in this ECG? (Other than the PVCs) (1)
Using calipers (don\'t poke the monitor!), what type of pause do you see after this funny looking premature beat? (1)
What lead primarily measures forces moving from the head to the feet (inferiorly)? (1)