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Which of the following is the mode of inheritance for this disorder? (1)
Hysical examination demonstrates the absence of palpable lymph nodes. Accumulation of which of the fol (1)
Oxaloacetate to malate (1)
Which of the following enzymes is most likely deficient in this infant? (1)
Which of the following molecules if increased in concentration can promote gluconeogenesis? (1)
His hepatic HADH/NAD+radio is high (1)
Single phenotype : Single locus → multiple normal alleles (1)
What is the function of dna ligase? (1)
Which DNA polymerase is/are involved in repair of mammalian DNA (1)
At the physiological pH the DNA molecules are (1)
> Uracil is absent in DNA (1)
Which of the following statement about thiamine is true? (1)
Vitamin which is excreted in urine is (1)
Guanidinium group is associated with (1)
The amino acid residue having an imino side chain is (1)
Saponification means hydrolysis of fats by (1)
Essential fatty acid (1)
Glucose oxidase converts glucose to (1)
Which is a fructosan (1)
Which of the following leads to an increase in enzyme activity (1)
Enzyme regulated by phosphorylation (1)
What would the tRNA anticodon be for the last amino acid translated in the chain? (1)
Which of the following trinucleotide DNA (1)
Which of the following is a common complication of this child\'s disease? (1)
Which of the following DNA repair mechanisms is defective in this child? (1)
Accumulation of which of the following would lead to this disease phenotype? (1)
Which of the following reaction is favored under this condition? (1)
His hepatic NADH/NAD+ratio is high (1)
Site of glycolysis (1)