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At which level the somites initially form- (1)
The toughest layer of the esophagus is the- (1)
Basal layer of cell in stratified squamous epithelium is - (1)
Association fibers are A/E - (1)
Which of the following is a complete sulcus - (1)
Dorello's canal transmits in tip of temporal bone- (1)
Which of the following passes through the foramen magnum - (1)
In rectus sheath which branch of aorta make anastomosis with superior epigastric artery - (1)
The rectus sheath contains all of the following except- (1)
Diaphragmatic hernia can occur through all the following except (1)
The structures passing posterior to diaphragm are all except (1)
Iliofemoral ligament arise from - (1)
The nutrient artery to the femur is? (1)
All of the following muscles are paralyzed in trauma to median nerve at the, wrist except - (1)
All of the following muscles undergo paralysis after injury to C5 and C6 spinal nerves except- (1)
What do you think this congenital anomaly is? (1)
The body is massive and kidney-shaped when viewed superiorly (1)
Which of the following does muscle A most likely represent? (1)
Superior temporal gyrus (1)
Rectus abdominis muscle (1)
True regarding endothelin-1 are all except (1)
Cerebral blood flow regulation (1)
Pudendal nerve root value (1)
Renal angle lies between (1)
Common carotid artery divides at the level of (1)
Cell migration in intestinal crypts (1)
Facial nerve stimulation (1)
Parietal peritonium is lined by - (1)
Lining epithelium of fallopian tube is - (1)