MCQs   Anaesthesia

About the Anaesthesia category (2)
All of the following solutions contain potassium, except (1)
Bacterial infection due to a contaminated blood product is most likely with transfusion of (1)
All of the following fluids are generally considered to be isotonic, except (1)
In healthy patients, the lactate in lactated Ringer solution (1)
All of the following are signs of dehydration, except (1)
Capnography can help detect all of the following, except (1)
If somatosensory-evoked potentials change significantly, the anesthesia provider should consider (1)
The accuracy of pulse oximetry can be significantly reduced by all of the following, except (1)
The tip of a pulmonary artery catheter typically enters the pulmonary artery at approximately (1)
The risk of complication from pulmonary artery catheter placement is less than (1)
When interpreting a CVP waveform, the beginning of systole is best represented by the (1)
The incidence of distal ischemia resulting from arterial cannulation is less than (1)
When measuring blood pressure manually and listening for Korotkoff sounds (1)
Current ASA standards require that during anesthesia (1)
The following monitors during general anesthesia (1)
Which of the following are not local anesthetics – (1)
Which of the following is not an ester – (1)
Addition of epinephrine to lignocaine – (1)
True about local anaesthetic agents – (1)
True statements about local anaesthesia – (1)
True about local anaesthetic – (1)
Local anaesthesia acts by – (1)
This patient has an abnormal chest x ray (1)
Which of the following is not a definitive airway? (1)
Which of the following anaesthetic agents can induce epilepsy? (1)
Contraindications of thiopental (1)
Guttmann’s sign (1)
Anaesthetic implication in gaisbock’s syndrome (1)
Complications of stellate ganglion block are all except? (1)