Blackening and tattooing of skin and clothing can be best demonstrated by (1)
Which of the following statements about blood grouping is not correct (1)
Most reliable method of identification of a person is (1)
Identical twins may not have (1)
All of the followings are types of fingerprint except (1)
Palaoprints for identification of the person is performed by taking prints form which area of the hard palate (1)
Cheiloscopis is the study of prints of (1)
Superimposition technique is used in (1)
Gluteus medius muscle is supplied by (1)
Gluteus medius is supplied by (1)
The following are part of hamstrings (1)
Following are lateral rotators of thigh except (1)
True regarding the hip joint is (1)
Which is the following ligaments prevent hyperextension of hip (1)
Iliofemoral ligament arise from (1)
Which structure lies immediately lateral to femoral hernia? (1)
The femoral ring is bounded by the following structures except (1)
In femoral triangle the most medial structure seen is (1)
Which structure lies midway between the asis and pubic symphysis (1)
Early is in which phase of demographic cycle (1)
Late expanding stage of population in inida is due to (1)
3rd stage of demography indicates (1)
The fourth stage of the demographic cycle is (1)
In the demographic cycle India is in the (1)
Collagen typical of basement membrane (1)
Cranial nerve nucleus lying deep to facial colliculus (1)
Reticular fibres of collagen tissues are present in all except (1)
Lower part of sternum fused by age (1)
70 yr old man with vesicular rash on lower limb after a course of steroids (1)
A face of a lady was shown with red macular lesions (1)