Chronic carrier stage is not found in (1)
Which one of the following is not a feature of liver histology in non cirrhotic portal fibrosis (1)
Which of the following is not correct about fibrolamellar variant of hepatocellular carcinoma (1)
Nutmeg liver is seen in (1)
The sago spleen and lardaceous spleen are conditions seen (1)
Centrilobular nerosis of the liver is characteristic of (1)
Tumors arising between cystic duct and confluence of left and right hepatic ducts are called (1)
Nutmeg liver is a characteristic feature of (1)
Centrilobular necrosis is seen in (1)
Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency causes (1)
Piece meal necrosis is pathognomic of (1)
Mallory bodies are seen is (1)
Hepatitis B virus is not associated with (1)
Which of the following is a prominent side effect of carbachol? (1)
A 30yrs old male present with urethritis .All of the following can be causative agent except (1)
Which of the following can cause rhabdomyolysis (1)
The following diagnostic tests are useful for corresponding purpose except (1)
HACEK group includes all of the following except (1)
The single most common cause of pyrexia of unknown origin is (1)
The most common pathogens responsible for nosocomial pneumonia in the ICU (1)
A 40 yrs old woman presented to the gynecologist with complaint of profuse vaginal discharge (1)
Which of the following congenital infection leads to maximum CNS damage in the fetus (1)
It is true regarding the normal microbial flora present on the skin and mucous membranes that (1)
All of the following organisms are known to survive intra cellularly except (1)
Glucocorticoids are important in the treatment of inflammatory diseases (1)
The Part Of The Spectrum Of The Electromagnetic Radiation To Cook Food Is: (1)
The primary venous drainage flows directly into which of the following structures? (1)
Q fever is transmitted by (1)
Which of the following is a lung fluke? (1)
Microfilariae of the following parasites are found in blood except (1)