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A 50 y.o man with cirrhosis due to hepatitis C complaining of abdominal discomfort and confusion [MCQs] (1)
A 45-year old man presents to the emergency room complaining of breathing difficulty, palpitations, dizziness and chest pain for 15 minutes [MCQs] (1)
Pus cells and lymphocytes count is 70%. What is the most likely causative organism? [MCQs] (1)
A 27-year-old pregnant woman in her sixth week presents for her first prenatal visit [MCQs] (1)
Her CBC was normal and her liver function tests are as follows: [MCQs] (1)
Her urinalysis shows leukocytes and pus cells. What is the most appropriate next step of management? [MCQs] (1)
A 62-year-old farmer visits his physician at his wife’s request who noticed that he had an irregular dark pigmented lesion on his back [MCQs] (1)
What is the appropriate treatment to improve his symptoms in this current situation? [MCQs] (1)
A 17 year old man history of easy bruising. On examination he is obese. Investigation reveals potassium 2.3. What is the most likely diagnosis? [MCQs] (1)
A patient has been having influenza infection for the past 5 days and now presents with very painful hemorrhagic blisters on the deep meatal skin [MCQs] (1)
On examination there seems to be a large blue bruise like mark on the baby’s back. What is the most likely diagnosis? [MCQs] (1)
An 8 month old child had a congenital heart murmur which disappeared at the age of one. What is the most likely diagnosis? [MCQs] (1)
His skin is pale and clammy. What is the reason for his loss of consciousness? [MCQs] (1)
A 45-year-old male presents to the acute medical take with a three day history of progressive bilateral leg weakness [MCQs] (1)
History of bilateral paraesthesias and twitching affecting the thumb, first finger and lateral forearm [MCQs] (1)
Brain imaging reveals signs of cerebral involvement. Which of these following parasites is likely causing the patient's symptoms? [MCQs] (1)
His weight is the same since last visit six months ago. He is scheduled for endoscopy next week [MCQs] (1)
Laboratory findings include positive IgM anti-HAV and marked elevation of ALT and AST levels [MCQs] (1)
A 78 year-old patient is admitted to the hospital for treatment of pneumonia [MCQs] (1)
A 62 year-old man complains of fever and diminished consciousness for 2 days [MCQs] (1)
A 68 year-old woman complains of fever, anorexia and right flank pain for 2 days. She vomited twice today [MCQs] (1)
Your 8-year-old daughter wakes you up in the middle of the night complaining of severe episode of cough [MCQs] (1)
A 69-year-old woman is brought to the emergency department with sudden onset unsteadiness [MCQs] (1)
A 60-year-old man is diagnosed with Bell's palsy. What is the current evidenced base approach to the management of this condition? [MCQs] (1)
A 22-year-old man complains of hearing problems. You perform an examination of his auditory system including Rinne's and Weber's test: [MCQs] (1)
A 64-year-old man presents with a eight-month history of generalised weakness [MCQs] (1)
Which of the following constellation of signs on examination is the most consistent with a diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome? [MCQs] (1)
He was discharged and advised to see his GP for follow-up. Which of the following is the most appropriate initial step in management? [MCQs] (1)
A 57-year-old obese woman has Type II (noninsulindependent) diabetes mellitus of 15 years duration [MCQs] (1)